How Often Should I Get an Eye Exam?

Many people will make time for health checkups but may not think about eye checkups. It is especially the case when they do not have any vision issues or wear glasses. However, professionals say you must have an eye exam at least once a year, ideally, or every two years. The frequency of the exams will depend on several factors unique to each person. 


The standard eye exams that the government performs at schools, called vision screenings, are a good starting place. However, they are not an alternative to a comprehensive eye exam. Vision screenings can detect some basic eye conditions, but more sophisticated tests are required to detect more complex conditions. This is why eye doctors recommend comprehensive eye exams for children or adults. 


Why Are Comprehensive Eye Exams Important?

Understanding why you need a comprehensive eye exam will help you know how often you need to get one. As mentioned, many people with perfect vision think a comprehensive eye exam is optional.

However, eye exams are more than tests for the health of your eyes. Doctors now know that the eye is a window to the health of your body. If you have a severe illness like diabetes, it first shows signs in your eyes. 

Here are the main justifications for getting an eye exam:


  • Correcting problems with your vision

  • Detecting serious illnesses early on in their development

  • To discover other health conditions that show no symptoms initially, like diabetes, hypertension, lupus, and others


How Often Should You Get a Comprehensive Eye Exam?


If you check online, you can get different opinions on how often you need an eye exam. However, most of them will agree on one thing: Regular eye exams are advisable. They are your best option to safeguard your eyesight. 


How Often Do You Need One?


Teens and Children

As children grow, so do their visual systems, and they do so at a fantastic rate. During this time of growth, many eye conditions develop and can be treated effectively. According to AOA (the American Optometric Academy), children should get their first eye exam when they are six months old. The second eye exam should be between three and five years or before they start school.


Once children reach school age, it is best to have eye exams every year. Yearly eye exams are the best way to monitor the rapid changes in their visual system. If they have vision issues and require glasses, this is the best frequency of eye exams. The eye doctor will recommend the appropriate frequency if the condition is severe.


20 to 64 Years


Once the individual’s vision stabilizes at 21, an eye doctor recommends an eye exam every two years for people without vision issues. If you have health issues that pose risks to your eyes, the doctor may recommend a different schedule. 


65 Years and Older


As the likeliness of eye conditions rises once you reach 40, the eye doctor will recommend the frequency best fit for you. The frequency could be higher if you have a family history of eye conditions. 


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